a(muse.)   /əˈmyo͞oz/
1. to entertain in a joyful and cheerful manner
2. the inspiration of artists, writers, poets, scientists, and chefs
3. a place for guests to come to enjoy a taste of progressive mid-atlantic cuisine in Rehoboth Beach


At a(MUSE.) we create food that is rooted in culinary tradition and that also uses modern culinary techniques of today. We source the highest quality ingredients that come from our region, procure sustainable atlantic seafood, work with people who raise their animals naturally, and forage our local land so that our guests can enjoy a truly modern Mid-Atlantic dining experience.


Whether you decide to join us for a snack at the bar, an intimate dinner, or bring your friends in for that special celebration our many dining options are sure to please.  Order off the menu or let us create a tasting menu of seasonal & Mid-Atlantic inspired dishes.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to exceed your expectations and share our inspiration.



Chef - Owner


In the mood for homemade pasta?  Check out Grandpa Mac!

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