Satisfy your sweet tooth with some of the most beautiful and unique desserts in Rehoboth Beach.


Pot Brownie - mint chocolate chip ice cream, dark chocolate mousse, toasted cocoa nibs    9


Brown Butter Cake - brown butter semifreddo, dolce de leche, candied ginger    9


60 Second Sponge Cake - stawberry, rhubarb, paprika, rose marshmallow    9


Coconut Tapioca Pudding - caramel, fifer's strawberry jam    8


Rootbeer Float with 'not your father's rootbeer' & malt ice cream    8


Housemade Ice Cream & Sorbert -  ask your server for tonight's selection    5


This menu is subject to change at any moment.  It may not exactly reflect the menu that we are using tonight.

updated on 6-29-18